At the Weekend

These past few days have been so much fun! To start, my sister and I went to a beauty and blogging event hosted by Suzanne Jackson. As you may well know, Suzanne is the lady behind one of Ireland’s biggest and most popular blogs So Sue Me. It was held in a Sam McCauley’s pharmacy and we arrived early so we managed to grab front row seats!


Everyone was clearly really excited to be there and when Suzanne showed up, she looked so glamorous in a red and black ensemble complete with killer heels! She went on to speak for about an hour, offering all kinds of advice on skincare and make-up. She also talked about her own experiences with blogging including all the highs and lows. She came across as really friendly and down-to-earth, encouraging us all to ask as many questions as we wanted. Afterwards, everyone was invited to have their picture taken with her and there was even champagne (although I did have to convince the lady in charge that I could have a glass as I am in fact 25 and not 17 as she suspected!). We had so much fun at this event — it was a perfect way to kick off the weekend!


As we were celebrating L’s birthday over the weekend, we decided to go to his family home. We don’t get to visit as often as we’d like so it was lovely getting to see everyone and we were also so excited to meet his family’s adorable new puppy! I’m not sure if they’ve settled on a name for him yet but he’s only 13 weeks old and he’s so big already! Apart from his size, he’s a typical adorable pup; bouncing about the place as he explores his new surroundings. He’s so incredibly fuzzy and I couldn’t stop myself giving him lots of cuddles! L and I really want a dog of our own but I’m not totally sure if our apartment building allows them so we’ll have to see about that…


We stayed the night at L’s family home and for breakfast the next day, his mum kindly made me the most delicious Nutella pancakes! We then had the laziest morning and caught up on Baz’s new show 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy. It started on Sky a few weeks back but we kept missing it so we just had an on-demand marathon (has anyone seen it? It’s brilliant!). Before leaving, we went out for dinner with L’s family which was really nice. Late on Sunday, we went back to our own home and just had a lovely relaxing evening with presents and dessert and drinks and a movie. We both have a busy week ahead of us so it was really great to have had these few days like this. How was your weekend? Hope you all had a good one! 🙂


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