Chicken and Chorizo Paella

This time last year, L and I were strolling around the sunny streets of Barcelona. Taking in all the incredible sights and culture on offer, it was probably the best holiday we’ve ever had. Thinking back on it this week made me a feel a bit nostalgic so I decided to cook up a big pan of traditional Spanish paella.

This is just the most delicious dish — hearty, filling and packed full of flavour. After a little browsing and research, I decided to go with this recipe for chicken and chorizo paella. It was so easy to prepare although it did take me almost an hour to cook this rather than thirty minutes as suggested in the recipe. Still, it was worth the wait. What’s not to love about a meal consisting of tender flavoured rice, juicy meat and a variety of veg? It’s fun, tasty, colourful and definitely worth a try this weekend.



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