Wet ‘n’ Wild: Burgundy Frost

While doing a food shop in Dunnes Stores recently, a bottle of Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish also made its way in to my basket. I chose from the Wild Shine collection and picked up Burgundy Frost. At a cost of less than €2, I just couldn’t say no!

I wanted to try it out as soon as I got home. I’d already decided that I didn’t like the grey plastic lid. It’s dull and cheap-looking and on my dresser, amongst my lovely nail polish collection, it would stick out like a sore thumb. However, weighing in at 12.7ml, this is a very decent sized bottle — especially for the price.


Upon opening it, I was a bit dismayed to find a long thin brush inside. I knew straight away that I’d be having problems with that. Surprisingly it holds quite a lot of product but unfortunately, that just made it even more difficult to use! You’ll notice smudging around my nails and this is because I just found the brush so awkward to work with. I wasn’t happy with my first application and when I removed it, my fingers were left stained because it’s such a dark colour…total nightmare!


This polish is called Burgundy Frost and while the colour is definitely there, there’s no trace of a frosty effect — it’s just pure shine. The name is a bit misleading but I actually do like that this has an almost gel-like shine to it. It makes the colour appear even more rich and vibrant.  Once I had two coats applied, it took quite a while for this to dry completely. Even when I thought I was good to go, I still end up smudging several nails which meant redoing them again — seriously annoying! I always apply a good base and top coat when doing my nails (especially with dark shades) so I can’t really say how long this polish lasts before chipping because the top coat is doing all the work anyway!

Overall; I really love the colour, it has great shine and it’s an absolute steal at €1.99. However, I do think it takes a lot of patience and even a bit of practice to get good results with this particular polish. While I can’t say I’ll be rushing to buy more any time soon, I won’t rule it out completely. Have you tried the Wet ‘n’ Wild polishes? Would you recommend them or any other products in this range?


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