21 Things I Love About Autumn

We’re well in to September now and I have to say; I’ve always liked this time of year. It’s so full of change and excitement. It’s a chance to explore new trends, try different recipes and make all kinds of plans. However, it’s also comforting to know that we can always simply return to old habits and firm favourites that we associate with these months. I’m already happily embracing the season and so I just have to share the 21 things I love about autumn.


  • Walking through crunchy leaves
  • Baking with different spices
  • Cosy layers
  • The smell of smoke from chimneys
  • Savoury pies, stews and casseroles
  • Duvet days when it’s cold and wet outside
  • The crisp air
  • No more flies/insects/sunburn/humidity
  • Dark green/deep purple/burgundy coloured nails
  • Little boots and jackets
  • Hot drinks
  • Better shows on TV
  • Better films in the cinema
  • Musky/spicy/woody perfumes
  • Knitted hats in every colour
  • Apple picking
  • Morning mist
  • Warm stodgy puddings and desserts
  • Nestling under a fuzzy blanket with a good book and cup of tea
  • Halloween
  • Birthday celebrations (not mine but so many people are born this time of year!)

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