Time out in Tramore

We were in Waterford over the weekend or more specifically, in the seaside town of Tramore. This was a go-to destination every summer when I was growing up so it always brings back the best memories. In high season, it’s such a touristy place but that doesn’t make it any less charming or entertaining.


There’s lots to do and we had so much fun hitting the beach, amusement park and casinos. There’s nothing like a traditional funfair to bring out your inner child, a run in to the Atlantic Ocean to wake you up or a little gambling to make you feel lucky (I didn’t win a single cent but there was a lurker hovering around me the whole time so I must have been close!).

We also spent some time in Newtown Cove but I’ll talk about that later in the week as the pictures are stunning and deserve a whole post of their own!


Since this was like a mini-holiday for us, we seriously indulged (because calories obviously don’t count on holidays). Seaside towns have the best junk food — stodgy chips, decadent donuts, fluffy candy-floss, peppermint rock, the creamiest 99s…me and my sweet tooth were kind of in heaven!


Before heading home, we just hung out on the promenade. We were really lucky because there just so happened to be a big fireworks display when we were there. It was a once-off event so it was a brilliant coincidence! So many people turned out for it and it was a great show — a perfect way to end the day :-).



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