Fuschia Make-Up Haul


I recently received a generous selection of products to review from Fuschia Make-Up. An award-winning Irish company with stockists around the country, I jumped at the opportunity to try this make-up out for myself. When the pack came in the post, I was so excited to see such a beautifully packaged range. I really enjoyed trying out all the various pieces and I look forward to wearing them again and again in the future. Read on for a breakdown of each product (but maybe make yourself a cup of coffee beforehand, there’s a lot to come!).


Make Your Own Five Pan Palette: €40

I love the idea of creating your own palette of eyeshadows and Fuschia offer sixty colours to choose from. I was given neutral shades of beige and brown all of which have female names — Amanda, Lara, Lucy, Holly and Jane. These are pressed eyeshadows and easy to apply. The colours come out nicely and can be built upon for a more dramatic look. The palette itself is also really lovely — sleek and well-designed with a mirror within. I received an eyeshadow palette last Christmas so I know that these make great gifts (whether it’s for a friend, family member or yourself is up to you!).


Brow Wax Kit: €15.50

Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely sure what this was at first! It turns out it’s a multi-functioning product to define and shape eyebrows. There’s a brown type of powder to use on the brows and then a creamy wax to keep everything in place. There’s also a little applicator brush and mirror within this compact — incredibly useful for when you’re on the go! My own eyebrows are naturally dark and — thanks to my beautician — they’re well-shaped too so I wouldn’t normally consider using something like this. However, when I tried it out, I could see why it’s such a popular product. Anyone who likes to emphasise their eyebrows will love this.

Eye Dust: €12.95

I received the Full Moon shade of this product and it’s pretty gorgeous. Golden-beige with a serious shimmer to it; this would easily suit all eye colours. Multi-purpose, it can be used dry or wet as a shadow or liner or even mixed with moisturiser. Definitely check out the other colours in this particular collection — they’re beautiful and I want to try them all!

Lip Pencil: €12.95

I don’t normally use a lip pencil but I still found this easy to work with. It’s soft and creamy and I like that it can be used to keep your lipstick in place.


Lipstick Vamp: €13.50

As the name suggests, this is a dark and sultry shade. I’ve never had a single product in this colour before as I always thought it would be too dramatic for me. However, when I tried this, I actually loved the result! It’s so perfect for autumn and looks rich and simply beautiful. I can’t wait to wear this on a night out!

Lip Lacquer Party Girl: €16.50 (full-size)

This is a fun and fabulous shade of pink. However, as much as I love this colour, it unfortunately doesn’t really suit my complexion. I’ve seen it on other girls though and it looks great on them so don’t rule it out!

Lip Lacquer Love Affair: €16.50 (full-size)

This is a purple-brown puce shade. I really like this one as it suits me much more — in fact, I think this particular colour would work for most skin tones. These lacquers consist of crushed lipstick and gloss combined so you can get intensely-coloured lustrous lips in an instant.

Highlighter Candle Glow Pearly Pink: €25 (full-size)

With its delicate colour and creamy consistency, this is a lovely product to use. I mixed mine with some foundation for a glowing complexion. It can also be used on its own for brows and cheekbones.

Primer: €22 (full-size)

Saving the best for last — I love this stuff! It comes as a clear gel and warms as you apply it to the skin. It just glides on and leaves your face soft and silky smooth.  It creates a perfect base for your foundation and helps to keep it in place for longer wear. If I had to choose a favourite product from the whole haul, this primer would be it!


Please note: As stated above, this make-up was sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own and one hundred per cent honest. A list of stockists of Fuschia Make-Up can be found here.


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