Smoothie Sponge

Late last night, my boyfriend casually mentioned that his mum would be dropping by in the morning. As it’s her birthday this week, I decided that I just had to make a cake and planned on waking up early the next day to do so. Of course though I slept in and had less than an hour to sort something out…!

I decided to play it safe with a classic vanilla sponge; something that can be whipped up and in and out of the oven in thirty minutes. I wanted, however, to top it off with something a little more interesting. Seeing as it was both warm and early in the morning, a rich or heavy frosting was out of the question.

It was only when I was making a much-needed cup of coffee that I noticed a carton of Innocent Smoothie in my fridge. It was one of the extra juicy smoothies made with whole crushed fruit and juices. Containing pineapple, mangoes and oranges; I realised that the flavours would be perfect.

I quickly sifted some icing sugar in to a bowl (no time to measure!) and carefully added a few drops of the smoothie. Stirring it all together, I was beyond relived to see it become a lovely smooth consistency. I spread it lightly across the surface off the cake and finished it off with some wafer butterflies that I had in the back of the press.  I was just putting the final touches to it when his mum arrived at the door — talk about timing!


In the end, she loved the cake so I was a happy baker. I’m intrigued now with this whole smoothie-and-icing-sugar concoction and I’m already thinking what other flavours to put together! I’d really recommend that you give this a try too because it’s so quick, easy and delicious! It turned a simple sponge in to something special. There’s only crumbs left on the plate now which is always a good sign! 


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