By the Sea

Did everyone enjoy their weekend? It was a busy couple of days for us and it went so fast but it was really great too. On Saturday, I went to Wicklow with a friend. She’s moving there next month so I decided to tag along as she checked out a potential new home (it’s good to know where I’ll be visiting in the future!).

I love road trips, especially to places that I’m not overly familiar with. Wicklow has to be one of the most scenic counties in the whole country. It’s no surprise that it’s known as the Garden of Ireland. We drove through lots of little towns and some of the views were kind of breathtaking. When we came into sight of the Sugarloaf Mountain, I literally stopped mid-conversation and just gawped!

Before we headed home, we stopped in Bray for dinner and a walk along the seafront promenade. I didn’t get to take a huge variety of pictures during the day but I fully intend on visiting Wicklow again and again as soon as my friend settles in so you can definitely expect more then!






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