Buttermilk Baked Chicken


I had half a carton of buttermilk left over after making soda bread at the weekend so I took to Google to see what I could do with it. As soon as I came across this recipe, I had my answer.

Chicken marinated in buttermilk overnight and then covered in Japanese-style breadcrumbs, briefly seared in a hot pan and finished in the oven…it sounded easy and delicious — my kind of meal!

For the panko breadcrumbs, I made my own simple version. In my food processor, I blitzed three slices of regular white bread without the crusts. I then toasted the resulting crumbs in a hot oven for 2 three-minute sessions, shaking them up in between.


The result is like a healthier version of southern fried chicken. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside; the crumb coating is so good! I love that this hardly requires any oil and that it can be eaten hot or cold.  I served a whole piece warm with boiled baby potatoes and fresh salad for dinner. The next day, I sliced the refrigerated leftovers in to strips and had them in sandwiches. It’s so tasty either way although I personally prefer it out of the oven when it’s especially tender and tasty. This is so easy to put together and has such a laid-back summer feel to it — I’m already looking forward to making it again!


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