Ginger Nut Biscuits

With their dark golden colour and cracked crinkly surface, ginger nut biscuits are instantly recognisable. Maybe not as popular as a chocolate digestive or Jammy Dodger, they’re still a delicious and definite classic. Spicy and syrupy and absolutely perfect for dunking in to hot cups of tea, I had a random craving for them today and decided to see if I could make them from scratch.


I adapted this recipe, making a few changes to suit myself. I used self-raising flour instead of plain and caster sugar instead of light brown. I also added a dash of salt and doubled the amount of ground ginger. I didn’t bother with a biscuit cutter and instead just rolled up little balls of dough with my hands, making 22 pieces so they’d fit neatly on my baking trays.

They turned out twice as big as they probably should be but they taste just right! Each one is crisp and crunchy with that deliciously warm flavour. Like any good biscuit, they hold well when dipped in to hot drinks. These are so simple to make, have a much richer and fresher taste and contain no nasty ingredients — you’ll never want to buy another pack in a shop again!



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