Ciaté Caviar Manicure: Party Punch

I have to admit; the lure of a free gift with the latest Marie Claire was a tempting enough offer on its own. Then I noticed the magazine was on special offer (costing approximately €3.70 rather than the usual €5.70) and knew that I just had to have it!

Readers of this month’s issue have a choice of six Ciaté nail polish sets which can be used to create a caviar manicure. I tried this look last summer in beige and gold so I was looking forward to sampling one of the more colourful options that are available now. The shades are all so appealing with sweet little names to match —  Party Punch; Purple Rain; Sunset Shimmer; Fairy Dust; Peach Fizz and Starry Night. I picked up the Party Punch duo which consists of a neon-pink polish and a bottle of multi-coloured micro-pearls.


I’ve done ten full Caviar nails before so this time around, I decided to just go with an accent nail on each hand. You still get a fun effect but it’s a lot less time-consuming to apply and obviously way more practical to wear! In general, this manicure lasts for about two days so it’s ideal for the weekend. The pink colour is so beachy-bright and the micro-pearls look almost like ice-cream sprinkle so they work well together and make a great combination for summer!


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