Belated Birthday Cake

I’d planned on making a big cake last weekend to celebrate my little brother turning eighteen. I studied a new recipe, got in all the ingredients and then…life got in the way. Basically what happened was that I went for a walk by a lake, got attacked by mosquitoes, the bites ended up getting infected and I had to go on antibiotics for a week. It was just a really bad reaction but it was painful, to say the least! I still can’t believe the irony — as in, I went for a walk in an attempt to be healthy and it caused me to become practically bedridden for three days. Also…since when have there been mosquitoes in Ireland?!


Anyway, I’m all better now so I got to work on the (slightly belated) birthday cake yesterday morning — a Devil’s Food cake smothered in a rich and decadent chocolate frosting. The cake part was fine but the frosting almost made me want to give up. Partly because of the heat and partly because of the fact that I ran out of icing sugar, it turned out way runnier than I expected. Hello, crazy-messy kitchen! Then I forgot to sieve the cocoa powder so there was also tiny little lumps throughout to boot! I freaked for about a minute and then just thought, ah might as well finish it anyway. So I covered the whole thing in white and milk chocolate stars as well as lots of mini coloured stars and declared it done :-D.


In the end, it firmed up and the whole cake tasted as delicious and luxurious as I’d hoped it would. Sure, there were a few complications along the way but at least now I know to avoid heavy chocolate frosting (and also lakes) this summer :-P.


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