Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Profiteroles

My boyfriend received his exam results this week and — as I predicted — he done really well. I’m so proud of him and as a little treat, I decided to attempt to make éclairs which are his favourite dessert. I’d never made choux pastry before but I figured today was as good a time as any to try it out. I got an early start on them so if they turned out to be a disaster, I could just pop out and pick up some from the professionals :-P.

Fortunately I didn’t have to go anywhere. Lookswise they weren’t exactly accurate but they tasted just right and (most importantly) he loved them. It was fun to make these as they were different to anything I’d done before. One of the steps in the method involves quickly stirring flour in to boiling butter and water. At first it looks hideously lumpy and unappealing but then— like magic — it suddenly becomes soft and silky smooth. It was so satisfying (and a bit of a relief!) to see it come together.


Although the recipe advised piping the mixture on to the baking tray, I didn’t have a piping bag to hand so I just spooned it out. Not surprisingly the results were round rather than an éclair-style oblong shape. So he got profiteroles rather than éclairs but they all taste the same so no big deal! 😀 He prefers them plain but I stole a few for myself and made them a little fancier. I filled them with a mixture of whipped cream cheese, icing sugar and fresh raspberries and finished them off with melted dark chocolate. If there’s a way to make a treat that little bit more decadent, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll try it! These were luscious and I’m planning on working with choux pastry again very soon — after all, practice makes perfect ;-).


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