Banana Bread Pudding

Custard and banana bread are two seriously tasty treats on their own but together…they’re even better! I made this delicious little dessert when I had some leftover banana bread and a craving for something sweeter. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing that I put together late in the evening and it took around forty minutes altogether. As this cooks, the custard keeps its delicate creamy flavour while the bananas in the bread become gooey and slightly caramelized in the heat. It’s a beautiful combination and every mouthful of this pudding is soft and sweet and squidgy. Although I made this with a quarter of a leftover loaf, I would willingly make banana bread from scratch just to have this dessert — it’s that good!


First of all, I divided the remaining banana bread loaf in to four slices and popped them in to a small square greased tin. Don’t allow too much overlapping or big gaps between slices. I halved this custard recipe and when it had cooked to somewhere between runny and thick, I poured it over the slices. The tin went in to a pre-heated 180 oven for around twenty minutes and came out firm with a slight wobble in the middle. This pudding slices easily and can be served immediately with a little yogurt or cream or simply on its own. This is also delicious served chilled the next day — if it even lasts that long!


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