It’s a Bank Holiday here in Ireland and it just so happens to also be Cinco de Mayo — double the reason to celebrate! Mexican food is in my top three types of cuisine (along with Indian and Italian) so I decided weeks ago that I had to bake something appropriate for this day. I trawled through my giant world baking book and settled on “Mexican Sopapillas”. I studied the recipe, rounded up the ingredients and got to work this morning.

I’d never worked with yeast before so it was a different process for me but the results were good and I was feeling all pleased with myself…That was until I popped online later in the day, looking for a similar recipe that I could link to for my post. To my total dismay, I found a couple of sources claiming that sopapillas aren’t really typical Mexican fare…! Now I don’t know whether to trust the book or the sites but these little pastries are so good, I decided it would be a shame not to mention them anyway. Apologies in advance if this isn’t an authentic Mexican dessert — if anyone wants to enlighten me, please do so!


As I mentioned before, the recipe I used involved yeast. After putting it together, I waited two hours for the dough to rise before cooking it in hot oil. Even though I sliced these in to thin strips, they came out quite thick and substantial. Apparently sopapillas are traditionally served warm with honey but I just sprinkled sugar over mine. They’re dense and chewy and just so good! In fact, they taste a lot like the churros we had in Barcelona last year. I’m very tempted to create a lovely little chocolate dip for these — they might or mightn’t be totally right for Cinco de Mayo but they’re so perfect for a lazy Bank Holiday weekend!


3 thoughts on “Sopapillas

  1. They serve sopapillas in in all the Mexican food restaurants here. Maybe they are Mexican-American. I don’t really know. But they are so good, and yours look wonderful!


  2. Who cares if they’re authentic or not, these babies look mega delicious. I love that they look substantial. I just had sopapillas at a mexican restaurant last night and I think they used flour tortillas to make them, so it turned out thin and disappointing. These look so much better!

    ♥ Gita @


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