Peperonata Rustica

As big of a student cliché as it is; my go-to meal in college was always pasta with some ready-made sauce. Quick, convenient and tasty enough; I was happy to have this two or three times a week. Although I’m no longer a student, I still eat pasta regularly now but I’ve come to realise that it makes far more sense to put together my own sauce. It’s fresher, healthier and tastier as well as being better value in the long run. While I love a rich and creamy pasta dish, I generally try to make more of the less indulgent but still delicious tomato-based sauces. These are super easy and versatile and keep well for 1-2 weeks in the fridge.


My current favourite sauce to make is peperonata rustica. It basically consists of red and yellow bell peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked to an almost stew-like texture. I use a recipe that I found in a little book at home but if you want to give it a go yourself, this recipe is quite similar. It takes me a little over an hour to make this sauce including prep and cooking time. There’s nothing to it really — just a bit of chopping and simmering. I like to catch up on my favourite blogs as this slowly cooks on the stove!

The result is a thick and luscious sauce. It’s bright and colourful and works really with any pasta dish. You can even use it as a base for homemade pizzas — I have and trust me, it’s seriously delicious! Possibly my favourite way, however, to serve this thick sauce is on fresh buttered bread rolls. It might sound unusual but it’s a perfect combination. Soft and chewy white bread with a chunky veggie filling makes for a wonderfully rustic meal with lots of texture and flavour — definitely my kind of meal.



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