Caffeine Fix

I was in the heart of Dublin again yesterday, this time for a blogger’s meet-up (which I’ll talk more about during the week!). Whenever I’m in the city, I love to pop by different shops and cafes, particularly those that we don’t have in my own hometown. One of my absolute favourite places is Lolly and Cooks, a family run business with three locations in Dublin. They have a gorgeous mix of sweet and savoury food on their menus but it’s always the cupcakes that draw me in.

They’re the most luscious looking things with an irresistible array of flavours — think coconut & raspberry; blueberry & vanilla; lemon curd & toasted marshmallow; crème de menthe; gingerbread & lime…is your mouth watering yet?!

As hard as it is to narrow it down (I always went to try them all!), I managed to settle on mocha. This is a dense and fudgy cake with a solid chocolate centre topped with coffee-flavoured frosting and a single chocolate espresso bean…it’s as delicious as it sounds! Sweet, intensely rich and so satisfying; I had mine with a little cup of coffee and I was in caffeinated heaven for the rest of the day ;-).



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