Ireland’s Answer to the Cronut

It’s been almost a year since Chef Dominique Ansel launched the cronut in his New York bakery. The croissant-doughnut hybrid immediately attracted extraordinary amounts of attention, becoming the most virally talked about dessert item to date. We’ve all heard the stories of people queuing for hours and hours just to get their hands on these exclusive pastries…some say crazy, I say dedicated!

Although the cronut has become a trademarked item, imitations have been popping up all over the world. The Marker Hotel in Dublin were quick to launch their version, selling boxes of four for €10 since July of last year.

Today, Centra introduced the rest of Ireland to this craze, launching the “cronado” in their 460 shops around the country. Named with its taste and tornado-like shape in mind, these are available in vanilla and nougat flavours and cost €2 a pop.


I only got the chance to pop in to my local Centra late in the afternoon and happily enough, there were four left. I picked up one of each flavour and went on my way. By the time I reached home, I was looking forward to testing them out — truth be told, I was nearly taking them out of the bag before I got in the door!


They look quite appealing with their puffy round shape. They’re slightly firm and very sugary on the outside so when you bite in to them, the buttery delicate croissant-like interior is a nice contrast.


Considering it was late enough in the day, I have to say I was really impressed with how fresh these were. Taste-wise, they’re very soft, sweet and satisfying. One has a vanilla glaze and a creamy filling that tastes just like crème pâtissière while the other has a chocolate glaze and a rich filling that tastes exactly like Nutella. I expected to prefer the latter but I really took to the lighter version. Honestly though, they’re both really delicious. I wouldn’t buy pastries very often but it definitely won’t be long before I’m picking up another one of these little delicacies…Not great for the waist but so good for your sweet tooth (damn you Centra and your delicious concoctions!).



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