Smirnoff Frozen Cocktails

I love a good cocktail — a perfectly-blended uniquely-named drink in a pretty glass that might come with a little umbrella or a fresh piece of fruit. The first time I ever had a cocktail was on a Spanish island with my friends and since then, I’ve always associated these drinks with good times.


Last year I tried frozen cocktails for the first time in the form of the Parrot Bay pouches. I instantly loved their simple sweet iciness and we indulged in them several times throughout the long hot summer. As much as I still like them, I’ve been eager to try new flavours. This week, I saw that Smirnoff were offering something similar so…you know I just had to snap them up!


Like Parrot Bay, these Smirnoff cocktails come in liquid pouches which you freeze for 8 hours. I’ve found from past experience that you shouldn’t leave these in the freezer for much less or longer than the time specified. When they’re ready, they’ll be firm and solid but give them a gentle squeeze or run them under warm water and they’ll easily yield.

Squeeze the contents of each pouch in to individual glasses. They should be a slushy consistency but if there are any chunks of ice, use a swizzle stick or teaspoon to break them up. I like to have wide straws on the side to drink these as they’re quite thick to start and it could otherwise get a bit messy!


The Smirnoff Frozen Cocktails come in at about €2.49 per 250ml pouch. In my local shops, there are four flavours available and each have a 4.7% alcohol content. They’re all very sweet and refreshing although there are subtle differences in the taste with each flavour.


Apple Bite: light and fresh with the most distinctive fruity aftertaste


Lemon Sorbet: tastes exactly like Smirnoff Ice so ideal for fans of the alcopop.


Raspberry Sorbet: gorgeous vibrant colour, perfect for a girl’s night in.


Mango Sorbet: smooth and exotic taste, great for a tropical themed party!


If I had to choose between these or Parrot Bay, I’d choose these. Smirnoff and 7-Up has been my drink of choice for years so because these are vodka based and also because they’re that little bit sweeter than Parrot Bay, I find myself drawn more to these. I can’t say what else exactly goes in to these as none of the pouches actually state the ingredients in English. They’re printed in a few different languages so if you really had to know, you’d have to try Google Translate! Ingredient issues aside, I really like these drinks — they look good, they taste good and I think they’ll be particularly popular if we get a summer as warm as the last one — here’s hoping!


10 thoughts on “Smirnoff Frozen Cocktails

      1. I’m really excited to try them, I bet they would be great on hot summer evenings in the garden with a BBQ dinner. I hope I can find them!


  1. These look so nice, I’m dying to try them! Will have a bit of a wait though since I’m pregnant!! Typical that they’d bring out lovely new cocktails when I can’t even try them lol! 😀


  2. I bought 2 of these put them in the freezer and they haven’t frozen?? I was dubious as vodka doesn’t freeze but assumed they had been tested etc but v disappointed in them unless I am missing something??


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