Home-Style Taco Fries

To some, taco fries is the food you eat when you’re a little worse for wear on a Saturday night. To me, taco fries is a perfectly acceptable meal to eat on any day (and in any state!). Think about it: it’s a combination of golden chips, meaty mince, to-die-for sauce and melted cheese…it’s so good! It’s also incredibly easy to recreate at home and to make it healthier still; I bake my chips in the oven, use lean mince and low-fat mayo and cheese.

Get your chips in the oven and when there’s ten minutes of cooking time left, brown a portion of good quality beef mince in a little oil over a high heat. Add in a dash of salt, black pepper, chilli powder and two tablespoons of tomato passata. Simmer until the sauce has thickened and then take the pan off the heat.

I think everyone can agree that the sauce on taco fries is definitely the best bit. Now I have no idea what they use for it in the chippers but I mix together two tablespoons of ketchup, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and a generous dash of paprika. That’s enough for one person and to me, it tastes just right. It has that slightly sweet and slightly zingy taste and a rich creamy consistency. To assemble; spoon the warm seasoned mince on to a bed of chips, dollop on the sauce and to finish the dish off, toss on a handful of grated cheese.

Tin foil tray/pending hangover optional but not at all necessary ;-).




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