Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

It’s been forever since I’ve bought mascara so I decided to treat myself to a brand new one this week. Of all the new products on the stands, Maybelline Big Eyes was the one that held my attention and ultimately ended up coming home with me. This is a dual-ended mascara in a cute curved pink and black tube. On the pink side is a brush designed to push up the upper lashes. On the black side is a much thinner brush designed to magnify the lower lashes.


I started with pink. One coat gave me long dark lashes and a second coat gave them a nice bit of volume. The wand can hold quite a bit of product so be sure to apply the second coat before the first coat dries to minimize clumping.

I’ve never used mascara on my lower lashes before so this was something new for me. The wand for these is super delicate. With a single coat, however, I could see the difference. My eyes immediately appeared much wider and more open. It gave a lovely finish to the overall look.

I think I made the right choice when I picked up this little gem. Big Eyes gives length and volume and a gorgeous false lash effect. I’d wear this mascara with just my upper lashes done during the day and then I’d apply a coat to my lower lashes for night-time. So far, it has lasted well for several hours. Overall, I’m a fan of this and I’ll be using it lots from now on.


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