Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

If you’re like me and you’re blogging on a budget, then you’ll know — and love — that feeling when you find a really great product at an equally great price. The last time I was in TK Maxx (the damn homeware and beauty sections always drag me in!), I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat polish for just €3.99…!


Before I’d seen the price, I’d already fallen in love with the colour. Named Treat Heart, this dusty rosy pink with a subtle silvery kind of sparkle is irresistible. It’s fun and feminine and so perfect for this season. Even in the dullest light, it shimmers beautifully.


As you might guess from the name, this collection is designed to give your nails a grainy sugar-like effect. I find that a lot of textured nail polishes are quite coarse and often just too impractical for day-to-day life. Compared to the other polishes that I’ve used with special effects, however, Sugar Coat has to be one of the best. It doesn’t feel nearly as rough, it doesn’t catch on material and I had an opaque finish with just two thin coats. Despite being textured, this was wonderfully easy to apply and it set well. This isn’t the kind of polish that’s suited to a top coat but I’d recommend using a clear polish just to seal the tips. I didn’t bother with one to begin with and I started to see chipping after just one day! Other than that, it’s a really lovely polish and I’ll definitely be using it over and over again.


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