Trilogy Rosapene Pack

I subscribed to my favourite Irish magazine Stellar a while back and as a bonus, I received a lovely gift worth €65. I was sent two amazing natural skincare products from Trilogy — a 30ml bottle of Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + and a 60ml tub of Rosapene Night Cream. Rosapene is Trilogy’s trademarked antioxidant complex. It’s made with oat extract and rosehip, tomato, cranberry and acai seed oils which work together to provide intense hydration and nourishment for the skin.


The Rosehip Oil comes in a bottle with a dropper and instructions suggest massaging 2-3 drops in to the skin every morning and/or night. Intended to brighten and improve skin tone, this can be used alone or with other moisturising products. I find this product works best for me after a warm shower. With open pores, the oil can sink right in and work beautifully. Otherwise, I find this can be a little greasy so I wouldn’t personally apply it any other time. A little of this stuff goes a long way so I guess I’ll be using this product for months to come!


The night cream contains a gorgeous combination of Rosapene, goji and Manuka honey. Promoting healthy skin renewal, this product aids regeneration and helps repair. The consistency is thick and silky and feels so luxurious. I love putting on this beautifully scented cream before bed and then waking up in the morning with super soft skin. Only recently I had an allergic reaction to a different brand’s night cream so I’m really pleased to find this one works so well for me.  I’m starting to realize that with the right products, looking after my skin can actually feel like a treat rather a chore. After all, I’m twenty-five now and I need to start getting serious about my skincare routine! As far as responsibilities go; I suppose it’s not a bad one ;-).


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