Essence Express Dry Drops

Here’s a scenario I think we’re all a little too familiar with. You track down a beautiful new nail polish. You dutifully prep your nails. You spend some amount of time applying the new colour with love and care. You wait and wait…until you can’t wait any longer. You either need to be somewhere or do something or you simply move away and forget about your fresh vulnerable nails. It’s pretty much guaranteed that one or more of those nails will get hideously smudged, ruining the whole overall effect. Cue the frustrated sighs and mini-tantrums!


When a friend of mine recently suggested I try Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops, I was immediately intrigued. I picked up an 8ml bottle in Penneys (Primark) for a bargain €2.49.  It has a dropper for a lid and the instructions on the back simply read “apply 1-2 drops to freshly painted nails”.

To test it out, I applied one coat of nail polish on my right hand first (a nice coral colour, if you’re interested!) and then dispensed two drops on each nail. Just out of curiosity — and absolutely not expecting anything — I ran my finger over my thumb nail ten seconds later. I was genuinely surprised and delighted to find it was smooth, hard and one hundred per cent dry. I then applied two coats of nail polish to my left hand. It took a bit longer but within twenty seconds, these nails had totally set too. All I could think was; “This is the stuff of miracles!”


The only fault I can find with these drops is that they do leave your fingers a bit greasy. A quick rinsing of the hands sorts that out though and your polish will still stay put. Also this is best applied over a sink or you’ll end up with a damp table/counter/armrest. Other than that, this is a pretty fantastic product. It does exactly what it says on the tin and for such a low price; I think this is an absolute must-have accompaniment to any nail polish collection.


5 thoughts on “Essence Express Dry Drops

  1. hey girlie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sweet comment you left about my mom. It really meant a lot and I’m super glad to report that after six weeks in the ICU she is doing much better. 🙂
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