30 Before 30

I turned 25 last month. It’s hard to believe that I’m already halfway through my twenties but I’m happy to say that they’ve been pretty good so far. Of course there have been low points but thankfully, the better moments far outnumber the bad. I’ve definitely grown up (at least a bit) but some things about me will never change — one of those things being that I’m always thinking about the future. Knowing that I now have five years until I hit the next big milestone, I decided to compile a list of thirty things I want to do before I reach the big 3-0.

This turned out be an interesting little project in itself. I’d definitely recommend that everyone come up with a list like this of their own. It really makes you think about what you want from life. Take your time with it and you’ll undoubtedly come up with some potentially life-changing ideas. It’s exciting to think of all the great moments you have yet to experience. It’s also pretty satisfying to realise all the amazing things you have already done. Who would have thought that making a list could be so much fun?!


1) Read 100 classic books

2) Get married

3) Live abroad for at least six months

4) Do a First-Aid course

5) Get my full Driver’s Licence

6) Donate blood

7) Completely redecorate at least one main room

8) Publish a book

9) Draw up a family tree

10) Visit London again

11) Take a photography course

12) Go skiing

13) Adopt another puppy

14) Eat lobster and drink champagne in a beautiful restaurant (preferably by the beach!)

15) Get my Master’s degree

16) Become a mother

17) Become a godmother

18) Visit all 32 counties in Ireland

19) Learn to knit

20) Run a marathon

21) Hold a baby lion or tiger

22) Meet and chat with someone really famous

23) Learn to make bread from scratch without needing a recipe

24) Go to New York

25) Go to Los Angeles

26) Do a cooking course at Ballymaloe

27) Meet my pen-pal from school in real life

28) Open a saving’s account for the future

29) Take a wine class

30) Go on a hot air balloon ride


9 thoughts on “30 Before 30

      1. I’m working on it – this is the year where I focus more on my goals and less on others. I’ve put others first for far too long – I just wish it didn’t sound so selfish to say that I’m going to focus on me more!


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