Golden Cream Puffs

As you may know; I can never let a good holiday pass by without doing something for it!  Today, then, I just had to make a dessert that was semi-inspired by Chinese New Year.

When we eat Chinese food — whether it’s homemade or takeaway — I’m always left totally stuffed afterwards. With this in mind, I chose to use puff pastry to create a light dessert that would be perfect after a heavy main meal. For the pastry’s filling, I went with whipped coconut cream and stewed ginger pears. Finally I tossed in some crunchy honeycomb pieces for a little bit of fun and sparkle because…well, what’s a new year without that? 🙂



450g ready-made puff pastry
1 beaten egg
1 tbsp. sugar
250ml coconut cream
Honeycomb pieces (roughly 130g)
Tinned pears
Pinch of ground ginger

First of all: Preheat your oven and roll out your puff pastry enough for you to cut out 9-10 discs.

Then: Place the discs on a lined baking sheet. Brush them with the beaten egg and sprinkle the sugar evenly over each disc.

Next: Bake for 10 minutes or until nicely risen. When they’re out of the oven, set the discs aside and allow them to cool completely.

Meanwhile: Slice up the pears, add the ginger and allow the lot to stew over a medium heat with a drop of water until the pears have softened.

Then: Allow the stewed pears to cool while you whip the coconut cream until soft peaks form. Fold the honeycomb pieces in to the cream.

Finally: Slice the cooled discs in half, dollop on stewed pear and top with the honeycomb & coconut cream. Sandwich the discs back together.


Serve chilled & enjoy!


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