Always Irresistible


I’ve mentioned my love for macarons before once or twice. My favourite place to find them here in Ireland is in Cocoa Atelier on Drury Street, Dublin 2.

I picked up a small selection in there one morning earlier this week and — showing willpower I never knew I had — didn’t eat them until I arrived home that evening. Settling down after a long wet day and seeing these beautiful vibrant treats all lined up in a little pink box…it was a pretty perfect moment right there and then :-).

The flavours I picked up that day were absinthe & lime, raspberry, blackcurrant and pear. I really couldn’t choose a favourite because they were all amazing. I’m leaning slightly towards absinthe & lime because I’d never seen that before. It also seemed like it could be a tricky one to pull off but the taste of anise and citrus was deliciously balanced. The only problem with these macarons is that they never last nearly long enough. I half feel like I should learn to make them myself but then I know if I do figure it out; it could be very dangerous — my willpower will definitely be put to the test then ;-).



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