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Beating Blue Monday

Today — being the third Monday in January — is apparently the most depressing day of the year. Known as Blue Monday, this is when we’re all supposed to feel at our lowest. Of course it’s not scientifically proven or anything but I have to say; today did feel like a particularly long and slow day. The weather was bitter cold, I was stuck in work with the sniffles plus I realised all the bills are due this week. Urgh!

In desperate need of some comfort this evening, I went with the faultless combination of a long hot shower, cosy pyjamas and a sweet and stodgy meal. I particularly love French toast at times like these because even though it has a luxurious taste and feel about it; it’s incredibly easy to whip up and only requires ingredients that most of us would always have on hand.


Beat 50ml of milk with 1 egg, a sprinkle of sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Soak 2-3 slices of bread in the mixture for half a minute or so and then fry on a medium heat for three minutes on each side. The result? A warm and delicious dish that’s perfect at any time of the day. Slice it up and pile it high with some tasty toppings — I like banana and maple syrup on mine. Guaranteed feel-good food!



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