Gosh Eyeshadow Palette Review


I was so excited to find that Santa left me some gorgeous make-up on Christmas morning! The Gosh eyeshadow palette, in particular, caught my attention. I have only ever tried Gosh nail polishes so I couldn’t wait to see what their eyeshadows were like. Inside this sleek black case is 22 colours, 4 applicators and a large built-in mirror.

There’s a nice range of colours including pretty pinks and purples to create a gorgeous girly look; greys and dark blues for classic smoky eyes; and creams and beiges for a natural and neutral look. I can’t wait to experiment with each and every shade. So far, I’ve only tried the darkest colour. It was quite powdery but still easy to apply. I wore it on a night out; the colour came out well and it lasted ’til I got home. I’ve been told Santa paid around €15 for this so overall, I’m really impressed. It’s definitely worth being on the nice list ;-).




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