Resolutions in Review

Before I make any resolutions for this year, I’ve decided to look back on the ones I made last year. I came up with 13 personal resolutions for 2013. Do you think I kept any of them…?


Read 12 classic books

Erm…nope *hangs head in shame* I think I managed three? To be fair though, I have read at least two dozen other novels this year. There were so many great new books published this year that I kind of forgot to occasionally reach for a classic as well…

Gain proper and valuable work experience

Check! I landed an internship during the summer and it’s going really well.

Travel more

We headed to the North West back in January and spent three lovely days in Sligo town. Then in September, we packed our bags and boarded a flight to beautiful Barcelona. There were a few fun day trips in between as well so we got to see lots of lovely places.

Properly research places before visiting them

I kind of did this. I definitely did more research this time that I would have done before anyway.

Do a photography course / Do a cooking course

I genuinely looked in to doing both of these but unfortunately neither happened due to timing/numbers issues.

Stop interrupting

I’ll admit that I haven’t stopped entirely but I have improved (I think/hope!).

Be more helpful, friendly, patient…

I hope I have been all those things. I did try…most of the time.

Eat healthier

I’ve definitely splurged on (more than) several occasions this year but overall, I haven’t been too bad. I even lost a few pounds…although I’ve put most of them back on over Christmas — oops!

Exercise more

I did make a conscious effort to walk more. I was hoping to join a yoga or Pilates class but a health issue arose and I wasn’t able to go ahead with that. I’m all better now though so I’m remaining optimistic for next year! I have my pink yoga mat already so it would be a shame to waste it ;-).

Read more blogs

Check! I’ve discovered lots of new favourites.

Work on my own blog

Check! It was a busy year and I didn’t always get to post as frequently as I would have liked but

Actually make the effort to keep my resolutions

I did my best! I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved this year. Here’s hoping 2014 will prove to be just as rich and rewarding…


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