Christmas Cards for Crafty Kids

This weekend, I’ll be making Christmas crafts with a group of children who range in age from four to eight. I’ve been planning several fun and festive projects, one of which is the all essential Christmas card! What I love about the humble card is that it can have the simplest touches and still look great.

Start with a stack of nice coloured paper and a pile of crayons or pencils. Search local pound shops or discount stores for a range of supplies. Use plastic stencils for fancy font and templates. Try stickers in different shapes, sizes and textures – they’re great for creating interesting effects and they’re especially useful for shaky little hands! Add foam shapes and fuzzy pom-poms for a 3D effect. Also, as it’s both cheap and effective, I’ll be relying heavily on cotton wool to create a pretty wintery effect. Strips of the stuff work as a fluffy blanket and round pads can be used to make snowmen. We’ll also be using cotton wool (and a ton of glitter) to dress our paper plate angels!

As a finishing touch, think up or print out festive jokes or little poems for the creative kids to stick inside their cards along with their own personal messages. This is a craft that every age will enjoy and appreciate. Easy to do with rewarding results; homemade cards are an absolute must for little ones this Christmas.



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