Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar


As far as bath products go; it doesn’t get any more gorgeous – or girly – than this. The Magic Wand Bubble Bar from Lush is blissful pampering on a stick. Run it under warm water or swish it in your bath and this solid star-shaped bar produces a mound of pretty pink bubbles.


When it came to using it; I ran the wand under the tap for about a minute and then swirled it in the water a few times. It resulted in a reasonable amount of bubbles and it instantly turned the water a pale shade of pink. Obviously the longer you leave the wand under water, the bubblier the bath. As you also might expect, this has an incredibly sweet smell. Just like Lush’s Snow Fairy shower gel; it smells deliciously of candy floss. A fifteen minute soak left my skin softer and delicately scented.


I paid around €6.50 for my wand. It’s a reusable bar and it’s expected to last for several baths so I’m storing this on my bathroom shelf for the future. It’s a really lovely treat and it would make a fabulous stocking filler for someone special this Christmas!



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