Stocking Fillers for Him

The male species can be a notoriously tricky bunch to buy for. When the shops are crowded and you’re running out of time and patience; it’s all too easy to panic and grab any old item that might just do. Year after year, I’m sure there’s been many a poor chap who has ended up with countless boxers/razors/books on random celebs. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that in the past, I’ve been guilty of buying less-than-impressive gifts for the lads just because I left it to the last minute and/or was simply stuck for ideas. This year, I want it to be different. I figure that at the end of the day – just like us girls – guys like gifts that are fun and interesting and fit in with their lifestyle. I’ve been on the look-out and these are some of the things that have caught my eye so far:


Simple and sleek earphones like these are a perfect pressie for music lovers on the go.

Reduce the risk of having to wear odd socks with these brilliant “pair and a spare”.

Comic book fans will love this Marvel comic print belt.

A cool and casual beanie hat like this will never go out of style.

For the fun-loving fella, try these Anchorman shot glasses.

Wannabe Wayne Rooneys will always appreciate these kind of good quality football gloves.

Bring a smile to his face with a blast from the past such as this retro Pez dispenser.

This wallet, in Vans’ signature checkerboard style, is a gift that will still be used next Christmas.

For the man who loves to read, this personalised leather bookmark will surely be well received.


4 thoughts on “Stocking Fillers for Him

  1. Men are tricky aren’t they! And often they don’t even really know what they want themselves which doesn’t help. A male friend of mine said that a couple of years ago, he got given four car cleaning kits! Hehe. If you ask a girl what she wants, she’ll come up with a long list right away, but a guy will often struggle. I see it even in my kids, my daughter (nearly 15) will give me a great long list at Christmas, far more than I could get, and then my son (12) will come up with about 3 things that he wants and then he can’t think of anything else. I struggle with stocking fillers for him now – when he was younger I could get toy cars and stuff but now it’s tricky, whereas stocking fillers are always so easy for a girl, whatever age she is – make-up, accessories etc. And men usually don’t particularly like getting clothes as gifts either do they. My Dad is really tricky too. He lives on his own, and his needs are simple, he’s not rich but he has enough money that if he wants something, he can get it. I usually end up going for something like some unusual or luxury food or drink items for him, but I always hope I’ll come up with a more original idea!


    1. Aw the car cleaning kit is definitely something I’ve bought for a man in the past! Dads are always the hardest to buy for, for the last few years I’ve bought him and my mum vouchers for different restaurants. I’ll probably do the same again this Christmas!


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