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Earlier this evening, I got a notification from WordPress informing me that I registered my blog two years ago today. I registered back then because I was determined to start a blog and that was the first step. I didn’t, however, actually start posting until a good four months later. I spent those weeks in-between considering what to write about (oh, and studying for my final exams!). Finally, nearing the end of March, I just went for it. I’ve been putting up posts on a semi-regular basis ever since and I love discovering, reading and following along with other blogs too. There are quite a few that I visit on a regular basis and it’s exciting to see so many bloggers doing so well for themselves.

I write my posts based on my day-to-day thoughts and experiences but I’m also always looking for advice and inspiration everywhere. I’m constantly browsing through glossy magazines, other blogs, books, books by other bloggers…! I think these are great sources for new trends, different ideas, examples of creative pictures and tips on your areas of interest. Fellow bloggers: where do you find your inspiration?



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