Kate Spade for Nails Inc

A few weeks ago, I made the tough-but-necessary decision to not buy any more nail polish for the rest of the year. I’ve amassed quite a few over the last ten months, most of which I’ve only used a couple of times. Granted, nail polishes tend be fairly inexpensive individually but the cost can easily start to add up pretty quickly. With Christmas looming, I thought I’d be a bit sensible and start saving my cash for presents…and maybe a party dress or two ;-).

I was thrilled, then, to see that this month’s issue of Glamour magazine (UK edition) includes a free bottle of nail polish. Not just any nail polish but a 10ml Kate Spade for Nails Inc. nail polish. *Swoon* A copy costs just under €3 (or £2 in the UK) so it’s a great deal. I buy Glamour every month anyway so technically, I wasn’t breaking my rule… 😀


You can choose from four wonderfully-wintery shades; black, red, silver or gold. After some deliberation, I opted for Silver Soho. As soon as I applied it, I knew I made the right decision. It’s a fun, unique and sexy colour. As much as I adore the deep reds and plums of the season, this makes a really great alternative. I’ve never had a shade like this in my collection before and I’m really loving its pretty metallic sheen.

The application was also flawless. Two quick coats and I had a smooth and opaque finish. Even the nails on my right hand turned out perfect with no need for nail-polish-remover-soaked-cotton-buds to correct the smudges I’d usually have on the tips of my hands. It dried fairly quickly and so far, no chips. Overall, I’m seriously impressed and totally smitten with this gift. Have you picked up yours yet?


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