Warm and Fuzzy

The sudden sharp nip in the air is making it harder than ever to push back the covers and get up in the morning. One good thing about the change in temperature, however, is that it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping after all, we can’t be going cold this winter!

I’ve rounded up some of the cosiest and cutest pieces currently on the high street. One thing I personally dislike about winter wear is that all the extra layers often makes me feel quite bulky. For that reason, I chose soft shades with delicate details. They’re easy to wear and make you feel well put-together and warm. It’s definitely worth getting out of bed for these!


Beige knitted scarf @ H&M

Grey & pink bobble hat @ New Look

Pink metallic detail knit scarf @ Mango

Neutral quilted jacquard jumper @ Warehouse

Lilac angora gloves @ Topshop

White knitted jumper @ H&M

Pale pink swing boyfriend coat @ Topshop

Chunky knit sweater @ Mango

Nude faux fur jacket @ New Look


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