Katy Perry: Killer Queen

Killer Queen is Katy Perry’s latest release in the perfume department and I think third time’s the charm. While I did like her previous two fragrances, I felt they were better suited to a younger audience whereas Killer Queen has a much more grown-up feel to it.


The scent is sweet and slightly spicy. With notes including wild berry, red velvet flower and patchouli; this is the kind of warm and sensual perfume that works well in winter.

The design is also definitely very appealing it’s feminine, elegant and unique. The bottle is shaped like a ruby and its deep red tones complement the gold on top. The bottle doesn’t stand up on its own because of its shape although I think if you buy a large bottle, it may come with a stand to hold it. Other than that, it will easily prop up on any of its sides. Personally I have a specific shelf for the cosmetics I use on a regular basis so I keep this bottle nestled in amongst them and that works for me.


I bought the gift set which included two 75ml tubes of shower gel and body lotion as well as a 30ml bottle of perfume. The shower gel is heavily scented and lathers up reasonably well. I’m not usually a fan of body lotions but this was fairly light and quickly absorbed in to my skin. The only downside to this perfume is that it doesn’t have great staying power. Even with the three products combined together, I’d still only get about three hours wear out of this. I’m happy enough to use it on a daily basis although I wouldn’t purchase it again, simply because I prefer my scents to last longer. Still, if you don’t mind topping up throughout the day, this is a lovely choice.


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