Essie: For the Twill of It

Now is definitely the time of year to embrace snuggly woolly hats, cosy knitted jumpers, lovely leather boots…and darker shades on your nails.

On the look-out for something appropriate to the season, I was immediately drawn to Essie’s fall collection. There are six pretty polishes in this range but I think For the Twill of It easily stands out above the rest.


With its deep green and purple hues, it has a very clear autumn feel about it. Its duo chrome shimmer adds a touch of fun. Indoors, the colour appears to be an almost inky blue. Outdoors, however, and in natural light, it becomes a more unique mix of olive and Byzantium. The first time I applied For the Twill of It, I had trouble with awful air bubbles and streaks. I immediately removed it and on my second attempt, I carefully used lighter strokes. Fortunately it turned out much better that time and I was left with a smooth and even finish. I’ve been wearing it a few days now and so far, no chips. At €10, it’s a bit more than I’d normally spend on nail polishes but it made for a lovely treat on a cold, crisp day and I can certainly see myself wearing it regularly this season.


4 thoughts on “Essie: For the Twill of It

  1. I spotted this about a week ago and I was so tempted. I agree its the nicest of the new shades, I love how it is a different shade depending on what angle you are on!


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