An October Weekend

You’d think after living in Ireland for twenty-four years, I’d have learned by now to keep an umbrella on me at all times! Over the weekend I got caught in epic downpours on three separate occasions. My hair still hasn’t fully recovered… ūüėõ

Rain aside, it was a pretty great couple of days. The highlight for me was when we stopped by Peploe’s on Stephen’s Green for a not-so-light lunch. In the mood to indulge, we went all out and had the full three courses. Between the tempting starters, hearty mains and luscious desserts,¬†we could barely move for the rest of the afternoon. It was our first time there and we really loved it. Not only was the food delicious; the d√©cor was pretty and elegant, the staff were friendly and there was¬†just a really¬†good atmosphere about the place. Oh and they have a proper hairdryer in the¬†toilets¬†(pretty useful when you walk in,¬†soaked to the skin¬†from yet another¬†rainstorm!).


hot chocolate fondant with caramel ice-cream


 green apple bavarois with Granny Smith and cucumber sorbet


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