Broken Glass Cupcakes

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away so I wanted to get in to the spirit of things over the weekend with some fun cupcakes. I decided to go with red velvet for its bloody colour as well as its delicious taste. The icing was a simple vanilla buttercream and they were topped off with some easy but effective decoration.


I followed step 5 of this recipe to make “broken glass” (I found the trick is not to stir it, despite what the instructions say!). I accidentally overcooked it slightly which is why it turned out a yellowish colour but it still tasted great and looked fun. As a finishing touch, I drizzled on grenadine syrup to give them a gory effect.


They were an instant hit with everyone who tried them. I’ll definitely be making these again on the 31st. Next time though, I want the cupcakes to be a little more red and the “glass” to be a little more clear. It’s nothing a few extra drops of food colouring and some careful timing won’t fix. Practice makes perfect and I’m more than willing to try these as many times as it takes ;-).



7 thoughts on “Broken Glass Cupcakes

  1. There’s something quite disturbing about those! But then I guess that’s the point!

    I saw a fun halloween recipe a couple of weeks ago, spider cookies, don’t know if you’ve seen those – you just use your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, then when you take them out of the oven and they’re still warm, you use a toothpick to “draw” legs out of the chocolate chips so that they look like spiders. Haven’t tried them yet, but they looked really effective on the photo I saw.


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