Barcelona Aquarium

On our last afternoon in the city, we went to the Barcelona Aquarium. This is the largest aquarium in the Mediterranean, housing hundreds of different species. It’s located in the Port Vell area which is a very pretty part of the city, even just to walk through.


Inside the aquarium, you explore at your own pace. There are tanks of all sizes filled with endless varieties of fish. It’s pretty amazing to see all the different species up close.


Visitors then go through a glass tunnel, with the option to use a conveyer belt. There, you can see even more exotic fishes (including sharks!) swimming above and around you.


On the other side of the tunnel, there are a few more fun things to see including jellyfish and penguins. There’s also a play area for kids and a restaurant.


We did enjoy the Aquarium but found it to be a bit overpriced for what it was. We had a 10% off voucher for it but the tickets still cost us nearly €40. It is a lovely place to visit but you could easily see it all in an hour so it does work out quite expensive. I’d say only go if you’ve never been to an aquarium before. Sadly, this place really tries to squeeze every last cent out of their visitors – between the guidebooks, “souvenir photos” and cuddly sea creatures, you wouldn’t be going on any other holidays for a long time if you gave in to it all!


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