La Sagrada Familia

We couldn’t go to Barcelona and not at least pass by La Sagrada Familia. It’s probably the most iconic building in the city but up until the moment that we arrived outside it, we were unsure as to whether or not we wanted to actually go inside.

The queue looked horrendous but the building looked incredible so we spontaneously decided that we had to see what lay beyond the walls. Happily, the queue actually moved pretty quickly and we only had to wait in line for forty minutes. Entry to the basilica was €13.50 and it was another €4.50 to access the towers. That did come to a slightly whopping €18 but it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing and the fees go towards the completion of the church.


[to think that is just one tiny section…!]


[afternoon sunlight streaming in through the stained glass windows – so beautiful!]

We’re really happy that we have seen it now. The façades were breathtakingly detailed, the basilica was really beautiful and the towers turned out to be a must-see. If you opt to pay the extra charge, you can take an elevator up to the top to enjoy views of the city. To get back down, you must use the dark, narrow and winding spiral stairway. It makes you so dizzy and disoriented but it’s kind of fun too! Overall, it was a very worthwhile visit.


[incredible view from the top of the tower]


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