La Boqueria Market

I had heard about La Boqueria long before we set foot in Barcelona. I love a good food market so I made sure to keep an eye out for it as we wandered down La Rambla. The entrance soon revealed itself off to the side of the main street.

It’s the most wonderfully colourful and chaotic site. The sights, smells and sounds immediately pull you in and all you can do is helplessly wander from stall to stall.


There is so much fresh produce on offer – everything from fruit and vegetables to meat and cheese. There are specialists to supply you with spices, sweets, seafood and more. As far as food goes; you’re spoilt for choice.


[sweets that look like fruit and veg – how cute are the mini pears and pumpkins?!]


We were there on a Saturday afternoon and since we were already laden down with other purchases, we decided to come back the next day to pick up a few bits. Unfortunately, however…


I never thought to check the opening hours and when we arrived back on Sunday, it was such a disappointment to find it was closed. I actually wanted to kick myself for not thinking ahead!

I didn’t think at all that such large complexes in the city centre would be closed for a full day. Even the big department stores like FNAC and Sephora were shut up. I mean, Ireland is a Catholic country too and very few of our places close on a Sunday (I can honestly only think of a handful that do and that’s just because they’re very small).

Having said that though, I spent a summer in Brussels a couple of years back and a lot of places did close on a Sunday there too. Really I should have checked beforehand if Barcelona would be the same…Oh well! I’m just glad we got to see it. We consoled ourselves with donuts from a place around the corner and continued on our travels. It seems impossible to be sad for too long in Barcelona :-).



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