Barcelona: Part One!

Last week we left Dublin for Barcelona and spent four amazing days soaking up the city. Our plan was simple – explore at our own pace and enjoy every minute of it. After a pretty stressful hiccup with a certain hotel and booking site during the summer, all we wanted to do was relax and make the most of our holiday.


On our first day, we settled in and explored the local area. We stayed in the neighbourhood of Gràcia and we really loved it. It felt safe and quiet but still close to the centre. Plaça Catalunya was only ten minutes away by metro or taxi and there were lots of little bakeries and shops nearby. There didn’t seem to be many other tourists around but rather lots of locals which made us feel like we were staying in ‘real Barcelona’!


[best ham roll ever! from a local deli]

We spent the next two days on the hop-on hop-off bus that brings passengers to all the main attractions. I’d been on these buses before in London and Brussels so I knew it was the best way for us to explore. Although it cost €68 for the two of us, we felt it was well worth it. We had such easy access to everywhere that we wanted to go and we were also supplied with our own earphones so we could listen to a running commentary about each attraction.


[couldn’t get enough of those beautiful blue skies!]



We got off the bus every so often to stretch our legs and explore a different area. What I really love about Barcelona is that there’s just so much on offer. Of course we weren’t able to see and do everything but we packed quite a bit in for the four days that we were there.


[I’m so in love with the narrow lanes and stunning details of the Gothic Quarter]


The whole trip was really fantastic but the highlight for me was on our second evening. After spending the entire day out touring, we grabbed dinner and then went back to our hotel to freshen up. At 8pm, we got back on the bus. We sat up on the top deck and did another loop of the city. We didn’t get off once and instead just enjoyed the city at night. We got to see the streets and buildings all lit up, locals coming back from work and people heading out for the evening. The city was buzzing but up on that open top deck, it felt so calm and peaceful. We didn’t bother with the earphones this time; instead we just chatted and laughed and watched everything go by. It was a really lovely and memorable couple of hours and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.




[the amount of motorbikes in BCN is incredible. You’ll see everyone on them from guys in business suits to girls in fabulous outfits – I love it!]


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