Maybelline Colour Show: Berry Fusion

A brilliant range of colours in sleek 7ml bottles and each one costs less than a fiver: it’s hard not to be attracted to Maybelline’s Colour Show nail lacquers. I’ve been on the lookout for an autumn-appropriate polish and Berry Fusion is a deep and rich purple colour. It’s the exact same shade on the nail as it is in the bottle and it’s perfect for this time of year, reminding us of warm fruity crumbles and jams.


As much as I love the colour however, I was less impressed with the application. I had to apply three layers as well as a top coat to get a smooth finish. Even then, I still noticed tiny air bubbles. I’ve been reading up on tips to avoid this kind of problem and I’m willing to give them a go. Hopefully they’ll work because I’d really love to wear more of this lovely colour this season.


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