Christmas Come (Too) Early

We were in Tesco’s this morning and my jaw actually dropped when I saw that they’ve started bringing in Christmas stock already! The shelves were lined with chocolate Santas and snowmen, red-nosed Rudolph jelly beans, tins of Roses and Quality Street…


Now I’m as a big a fan of the festive season as much as the next person. I love embracing all the traditions and getting in to the spirit of things but…come on, it’s only the first week of September! Okay so a Lindt reindeer would go down well and a giant tube of Jelly Tots does sound pretty appealing but still…


There are so many great things about autumn. I love the crisp air; the reintroduction of pretty scarves and warm coats to our wardrobes; sipping hot drinks, filling up on hearty comfort food, walking through crunchy and colourful fallen leaves…and, of course, Halloween. Why can’t we just enjoy now? We have all of December – and even November – to indulge in Selection boxes and star-shaped sweeties, to think about trees and decorations, to stock up on gift wrap and Glühwein…

So for now, let’s just focus on all the joys of this season. It really is pretty amazing. What are your favourite things about autumn?


6 thoughts on “Christmas Come (Too) Early

  1. Pretty soon we’re just going to be able to buy Christmas stuff all year aren’t we! I think it’s nice when there are certain foods only available at certain times of the year because you look forward to them coming out, but now more and more, we can get anything anytime – hot cross buns are available all year, what’s that all about?! And things like strawberries, it used to be so exciting to see them start appearing in the shops, knowing that meant summer was here, and now we can get them anytime – they’re nicer in the summer of course, but they don’t seem as special now that we can get them anytime. Grumble, grumble, moan, moan…

    I like to embrace the seasons and what they have to offer indivdually, like you say.


    1. I know, it just doesn’t seem right! I feel like if we start getting caught up in Christmas now, we’re going to be sick of it by December. I always wait until around mid-November, it’s so much more exciting then 🙂


  2. Two weeks ago when I went shopping I also saw that the first Christmas items had appeared. I think it is way to early for that. Halloween is not a very big event in my country, but some people do celebrate it and before Christmas we even have to other holidays to celebrate, St. Martin’s day and Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). Especially Sinterklaas is a big Holiday in the Netherlands, so it feels a bit weird that Christmas items even appear before Sinterklaas items.

    I’m new to your blog by the way. I love reading your stories so far!


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