L’Oréal Perfect Clean

Today I picked up L’Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash for the first time. I’d never seen it before so I figured it was new (in fairness, it does say as much on the label!). However I did a bit of research this evening and it seems that this product has been around forever (or at least since 2010)! How have I not noticed this before?

I gave it a try after my shower and I was immediately impressed. Essentially this a cleanser that comes with its own ‘scrublet’. The scrublet is a soft, flexible and reusable pad. You apply the foaming gel wash to the scrublet, splash some water on your face and then massage the product in. Rinse your face and you’re done!


Straightaway, I felt like my face had had a really deep and thorough cleansing. The scrublet is gentle but powerful and easily removes all traces all of dirt. Not only that, my skin also looked fresh and felt so smooth and soft; definitely a Perfect Clean.

Have you ever discovered any great products that you thought were new but it turned out they weren’t? I think that if a product is still being stocked years after its initial release, it must be a good sign, right?


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