Cookies and Cream Pudding

I try to avoid dessert during the week but today, my cravings got the better of me. I had half a jar of cookies in the cupboard so I decided to do something with them. I ended up throwing together a sweet and simple pudding consisting of a soft sponge base and creamy topping. I used Greek yogurt which has a lovely thick consistency that works really well here. When mixed with fresh cream, it has the most indulgent feel. Throw in some chocolate chip cookie pieces and it’s totally irresistible.

cookies n cream

There’s no real recipe for this dessert. I just lined six ramekins with sponge (leftover madeira cake or shop-bought sponge fingers work equally well). I then drizzled a little milk in to each ramekin – just enough to keep the sponge moist but not so much that the sponge will get soggy.

To make the creamy topping, I stirred 250ml Greek yogurt and 10-12 broken-up cookies in to 250ml whipped cream. I also added an ounce or two of icing sugar but that’s not totally necessary.

I divided the topping equally between each ramekin and then popped them all in the fridge to chill. They had been in there about an hour before I served them, with a whole cookie on top of each dish as an extra sweet finishing touch.


8 thoughts on “Cookies and Cream Pudding

  1. This look so good! I’ve been making so much unhealthy delicious food last weeks and I made myself promise to make only healthy things for the coming weeks, but it is so hard when I keep seeing food like this!


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