Nails Inc. Colour Collection

If you’ve ever seen Nail Inc. polishes in-store, you’ll know that although they have an amazing range of colours; they’re also pretty expensive.

I was delighted then, when I found a set of four Nails Inc. polishes in TK Maxx recently for only €16.99. That works out at €4.25 a bottle which is really good value. The sticker on the pack claimed the set was worth €31 but I actually think it was probably worth even more as in department stores, a single bottle of this polish can cost up to €17.

Either way, I’m happy. The set contained four really great shades, at least two of which I can see myself wearing regularly.


St Mark’s Square is the same colour on the nail as it is in the bottle: a pretty mauve shade with a hint of silver about it.

Cheyne Walk is labelled as special effects because of its ‘mirror metallic’ shine. On the nail, it’s the perfect purple colour. Not too dark or light, it turned out lovely and glossy.

Franklin’s Row looks like a shimmery blue-purple shade in the bottle and that’s exactly what it’s like on the nail.

Clifford Street looks like a sparkly dark purple polish in the bottle but comes out on the nail smooth and inky blue.


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