Introducing the Tweety family

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our two canaries (a.k.a. Mr and Mrs Tweety) had babies and – as promised – here are some pics that will melt your heart!


Before this weekend, I hadn’t seen the little guys since they were less than a week old. I have to admit that they were kind of strange-looking at the start. Huddled in their nest, they were a grey and salmon pink colour and completely featherless. The only time they ever moved was at feeding time, when their necks would stretch up and their beaks would open wide.


When I went to visit them this weekend, I actually couldn’t believe my eyes. They’ve changed so much in to these plump and pale yellow little cuties! They’re only a month old but they’re already nearly the same size as their mama!

We have four in total and they are so energetic and curious, swooping all over and exploring their cage. It’s amazing to think that four or five weeks ago, they didn’t even exist and now they’re here and practically independent. Mr and Mrs Tweety, you did good ;-).


papa bird on the top perch and two babies below!


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Tweety family

  1. I have never seen baby canaries. How cute! I really didn’t even know that pet canaries made nests and laid eggs, etc. We had a robin’s nest next to a window this year. Watching the ugly little babies morph into real birds practically overnight was amazing! Will you keep all of the new birds? How many can live in your big cage?


    1. Aww I bet baby robins are really cute too! For now, we’re thinking of keeping them all but if she has any more in the future, we’ll probably pass them on to family and friends. They’re living at my parents’ house and my dad is great at DIY so he built them a big aviary! There’s tons of room for the whole Tweety family 😀


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